Identify Brand Ambassadors to Advocate for Change

Identify Brand Ambassadors to Advocate for Change
Resistance to Change will always be there but the 4C's Conviction, Commitment, Communication, and Courage will help the organisation minimize the resistance.

With the transformation of the HR function, how it should lead and become a catalyst in an organisation’s change management process?

SS HR plays a pivotal role in organisations’ change management process. It acts as a catalyst to bring transformation to an organisation. It must lead organisational change by championing itself in the following :

Alignment with Business Strategy : The first and foremost point is it must align itself with the organisation’s Vision, Mission, Values, and Strategy. This implies that HR understands the direction in which the organisation is moving and ensures that all HR practices and processes are in sync with it and are supporting the business.

HR Professionals in the organisation should learn Change Management Expertise. All HR resources in the organisations should be trained to navigate the Change Management Process in the organisation as they are the ones who will facilitate the same and guide others.

Re-Defining the Culture : HR must play a significant role in shaping...

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