HR to drive human resilience

HR to Drive Human Resilience
Resilient Organisations with Resilient People will help us tide over the current challenge and prepare us for future eventualities.

The Impact of Coved-19

Most organisations are either complying with the total lock down or partial lockdown or conditional exemption or looking forward to gradual unlocking. Based on the business category, location and specific conditions, different organisations are in different stages today: revival or rebooting or rejuvenation. Irrespective of the stage, there are common challenges to grapple with i.e.

a) Affected Economy: Due to the sudden jerks to demand of products and services, the entire economy got adversely affected.

b) Job Losses: While some have migrated back to native places and have no jobs, some more have no jobs due to the organisational decisions to dehire or downsize.

c) Skill Obsolescence: On account of changes in the Workplace requirementsand modification in the product or service format or diversification, a number of...

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Dr. GP Rao

Founder & Managing Partner at GPR HR Consulting LLP

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Dr. GP Rao

Founder & Managing Partner at GPR HR Consulting LLP

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