HR leadership is at an inflection point

HR leadership is at an inflection point
HR leadership is at an inflection point
It will require addressing dysfunctionalities (debilitating fear, destructive internal competition, poorly designed and complex measurement systems and mindless reliance on precedent) with right judgment.

How do you define Leadership in HR in the present environment?

SR Leadership in its essence inherently assumes the situational ability to lead, plan, organize control resources and inspire people to action, learning and execution towards a greater cause. This essence really does not change in the realm and domain of leadership, regardless of the environment or situation.

The present environment is at an inflection point, which requires contextual judgment as well as farsighted vision to be able to facilitate workforce transition into a new phase. HR leadership will therefore be defined by its ability to reconstruct the good practices from the ‘past’, develop insights from the perceived ‘present’ and create the platform for the anticipated ‘future’.

Being at work over the last two decades, I have seen the nature of work change and how HR leadership has been instrumental in...

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