Executive Compensation

Executive Compensation
The metrics that connect up with the pay at risk, should be representative of the business scenario of the present and that anticipated for the future.

We know of the tremendous focus on Top Executive compensation in the US – the pay details of top executives are shared through proxy statements which are publicly accessible documents. When we look at some of the public documents in India for an organization, while there is some degree of information, there are transparency gaps that need to be addressed.

The column this time is not about solutions, but more about the challenges

that we face in this space in India. Once the challenges are clear, each organization needs to focus on addressing the ones that present the more serious concerns for it.

Complex and multidimensional pay structures –

Given that our pay structure is more complex and consists of additional non-financial elements that get defined broadly under Perquisites & Benefits, there is a clear need to be able to understand Executive compensation in India in its entirety. Several elements of pay especially at top...

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Simran Oberoi

HR Professional, Bangalore

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Simran Oberoi

HR Professional, Bangalore

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