Evidence based HR: The Bridge between People & Delivering Business Strategy

Evidence based HR : The Bridge between People & Delivering Business Strategy
Now, high time, HR, being a partner in business, to assertively exhibit its competencies in moving towards business goals. It is a project by itself to be owned by HR, and although challenging, is an essential & inevitable one.


As we know, the HR Function was considered as an administrative assignment, but now, there has been a radical change and move towards alignment with Business Targets and supports all the functionaries of a Corporate thus eliminating any obstacles or indulging in addressing all related actions, like, talent acquisition, retention, man-management, developing healthy relations amongst all employees etc. The results achieved or accomplished are not in terms of objective quantification, but subjectivity. For instance, Finance, Production, Market expansion, Cost and profitability etc, in respective KRAs specifically fix objective targets. At any time of the year, one can debate easily, the movement towards the KRA. But, this is not so in HR- no objective KRA, no objective quantification, but highly subjective. No assertiveness exhibited anywhere even though there are several accomplishments. Here where, the development of an “Evidence Based HR” comes into picture. Here, the assessment of HR shall be very objective with quantification and...

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K. Vittala Rao

is Legal & Management Consultant and author of Labour Law books.

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