COVID & Aftermath – Can HR develop spirituality in organisation culture?

COVID & Aftermath - Can HR develop spirituality in Organisation culture?
To imbibe the philosophy of spirituality business needs to remember and indoctrinate the famous quote of Mahatma Gandhi: "Supposing I have come by a fair amount of wealth - either by way of legacy, or by means of trade and industry - I must know that all that wealth does not belong to me; what belongs to me is the right to an honourable livelihood by millions of others".

The pandemic has inflicted scar in the lives of the individual sowing to myriad reasons. Apprehension is palpable as job loss, pay cut, unemployment, uncertainty; lackadaisical economy etc has become the order of the day. In an ambiance of pessimism, depression, exasperation all round it is incumbent on HR as the custodian of people to play a major role to instil confidence and keep the morale of its employees high. Innovations and out of box thinking should now become the way of life for an enterprise to survive the onslaught the pandemic has inflicted. Extraordinary situation demands extraordinary solutions. Keeping focus on age old HR practice of employee engagement or experience might not help in present moment of uncertainty to instil confidence and to keep the people engaged. It is where the HR must think out of box to provide a meaningful life to its employees so that they stay focused, and confident. The need of hour is HR should come out of its established cocoon and engage in exploring happiness in the lives of its employees through...

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Deepanjan Dey

currently is Sr. GM-HR, Dalmia Cement (Bharat) Ltd., Rajgangpur, Odisha.

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