Effective Coaching is a Learned Skill

Effective Coaching is a Learned Skill
Coaching is a skill that you build expertise by practicing. You can't create a coaching culture without developing an action plan and providing support to make the transition easier on employees.

Does Coaching really works in organisations and helps transform the business?

SK Yes, Coaching works in organisations and help transform the company. Coaching allows the Leaders, Managers and Employees to achieve their highest potential. It helps them improve as individuals and as a good Team player by overcoming their mental blocks or inhibitions.

Coaching helps in recognising and understanding one’s values and beliefs and aligning them with the organisation’s vision and mission. It helps in introspection and realising the strength and weaknesses of the employees, which in turn is crucial for achieving the given targets.

It provides an unbiased perspective towards employees and the management of the organisation. It develops resilience and courage in the Leaders, Managers and Employees, which is very important for any organisation or business.

All these things...

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Sandeep Kaul

Director at WhiteLight Consulting Private Limited, Mumbai

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