Company should relook at workforce plans

Company should relook at workforce plans
Human resource and workforce plans support strategic plans and goals. Plans show how the workforce will be developed to ensure capacity and capability exist to enable the organisation to achieve its strategic goals and actions.

If the rate of absenteeism is high in the organisation, workers, supervisors, and managers have become lazy and are showing low motivation for work, then the organisation seriously needs to look into how engaged the employees are with the organisation and the work that they are hired to do, to accomplish. Merely reprimanding them & even laying off some of them for their tardiness in the workplace is not the right solution. In fact, this may even lead to more slack performance & resignations, and so on. Also thinking that imposing stricter administration of rules & regulations and other forms of disincentives will lead to improvement in performance, then that is wrong thinking. This is the old school of thought, the industrial era type that we are no longer living in.
One of the causes that I can think of is whether the organisation has tailored its workforce policies and benefits to the needs of its diverse workforce since it has 15 sales offices spread all over India and its representation or market share is low in South Region. When an organisation fails to...

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