Coaching should translate into organisational effectiveness

Coaching Should Translate into Organisational Effectiveness
The best scenario for coaching is when it is viewed as a development opportunity for both the individual and the organisation to stretch out of their comfort zone and achieve greater value to impact individual and business performance.

Does Coaching really work in organisations and help transform the business?

AS “Everyone needs a coach” says “Bill Gates, whether we are a CEO, leader, teacher, basketball player or bridge player, we all need people who will help us reach our goals and give us feedback.”

Coaching is the most valuable tool for employee development and it has been proven many times that organisations with strong coaching cultures have a great impact on its financial performance. Not only that, coaching also helpsto reduce employee turnover, increase productivity and employee satisfaction.

Coaching in either 1:1 or a small group intervention, helps employees with essential support and counsel they need to perform at a new level. In a coaching culture organisation, employees generally do not lack the skills or knowledge or experience needed to drive the organisation but learn new strategies to achieve their...

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