A coach must have three Es: Expertise, Experience and Excitement

A coach must have three Es: Expertise, Experience and Excitement
The freedom to ask questions to improve the performance at work has facilitated effective communication besides empowerment and accountability within the teams.

Does Coaching work in organisations and help transform the business?

SS Coach possesses the exceptional ability to guide and help the people to see themselves as others see them which most people are never good at seeing themselves. The presence of a coach in the organisations also helps clients to discover their blind spots. It also assists to get the coachee exposed to the external unknown market forces and challenges them to take action.

The scope of coaching in the organisations is determined by various situations such as strategic planning, employee engagement, problem-solving, motivating and inspiring, goal setting, delegating, planning and reviewing, learning and competence, team working, performance management, team and people development, performance reviews, career development, performance reviews and relationship alignment. The list is indicative and exhaustive.

Organisational Transformation Program...

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Suresh Shetye

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