Changing Times and Timing Change

Changing Times and Timing Change
Climate change therefore, is amongst other things rewriting the future of human growth. New disciplines will emerge and new lifestyles will be around the corner

It is common sense to recognise that everything changes. People change, context changes, the environment changes, even the nature of the material changes over a period of time. It is, therefore, important to have some insights into understanding how to cope up with change. The more complex problems are those that have to do with the internal changes within us, about us and above all changes in the way we think. These are subtle and at times elusive propositions. The trickier aspect is the search of continuity in this change.

When it touches business, it acquires ramifications which can be quite fundamental and at times shattering. The almost abrupt extinction of a product line can be devastating not just for the line of business but also the wellbeing of the affected parties,including the investors. A case in point would be how the recording-disc-manufacturing and indeed the industry itself got phased out. Not only convulsions were caused across a cross-segment of the population – both user and otherwise-but so much data was equally abruptly lost. If any messages...

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