Are covid-19 woes slowing down labour reforms?

Are covid-19 woes slowing down labour reforms?
COVID-19 could not help the governments to change the existing labour laws; rather it stunted labour reforms agenda to a corner. It is true that adage history repeats even in case of labour reforms proved correct.

Now a days a question is raised quite often online in almost all professional HR Forums is whether labour reforms have been stunted to cross roads after the Covid-19 outbreak? The answer may be emphatic yes and feeble no if the pace and process in this regard is any indication. The NDA government attempted to bring labour reforms on a comprehensive basis to erase the stigma of India being country with rigid and non investor friendly labour laws. The attempts to merge 44 labour laws into four codes i.e. Code on Wages, Code on Industrial relations, Code on Social security, and Code of Occupational health and safety were fruitful to the extent of drafting them and introducing them in the parliament. One should appreciate the Government for this bold initiative to push the labour reforms as a measure of reinforcing in the minds of business community that the government is serious and they really mean what they say on labour reforms. The NDA-II in their exuberance to stick on to their commitment to bring labour reforms with projection of investor friendly...

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P. Soma Raju

is Specialist Consultant HR IR, Labour Laws, Hyderabad.

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