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As organisations continue to grow on diversity and inclusion front and when people work together and spend more than one third time of their day at workplaces, things like affection, attraction, flirt, relationship, love and romance between the two may happen and it can’t be termed as unnatural or something very strange. It has potential to bloom in most unexpected way. It knows no boundaries because it is largely driven by emotions. It starts with palpitations, lingering smile and promises. But in spite of the fact that it exists at workplace, India Inc has not been very vocal about this and prefer to handle quietly on case-to-case basis. The reality is that as long as human beings continue to work together at workplace, there is always possibility of feeling a connection with liking towards each other and no one can stop it.

The possible outcome of this natural human behaviour in many cases becomes a very complicated and sensitive issue when it does not go well in long term and ultimately turns sour and ends with a break. It is then left to HR who has to pick up the pieces spread at workplace, cremate and perform last rites, clear the work environment from negativity and gossips and put things back on track.

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In Indian perspective, it should be understood that this kind of relationship cannot be prohibited or eliminated through strict policies or regulations or through moral policing. Though after PoSH Law came into force and trend of sexual harassment complaints increased, it is experienced that the background of many complaints has been found to be consensual at initial stage but turned in to harassment later on when relationship did not continue and reached to dead end. This should be enough for HR to be cautious in this respect and evolve strategies so that organisation does not suffer for the wrong doings of its employees which was initially ignored being a personal matter and management choose to be away from such matters which has all potential to damage the reputation of the organisation. HR must understand that it is personal vs. professional and this equally be understood by the two involved in relationship that it does not cross the limits of workplace decorum and conduct and behaviour. What is required is to manage it with responsibility and maturity so that it does not blur the lines between the individual and professional conduct at workplace.

The cover story of this edition is an attempt to understand the intricacy and complexity of this sensitive issue of workplace where industry experts and HR professionals provide useful insights and ways to address the possible challenges.

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