Working in a comfort zone?

Working in a comfort zone?
Most of the teams comprising technicians and engineers remain in field for on the spot servicing of gen sets. Such teams are controlled by area supervisor who reports to particular service head of his region. Outlets/ offices of the company mainly contribute to service function but support sales of products also in case of enquiries.

For Rupendra, CEO of the 24×7 power solutions, a sales and service company of heavy power equipments, it was not unexpected. Rather It increased his confidence that what he was visualising few days back became true with the announcement of country wide lock down due to COVID-19.

What was more worrying in this situation for him was that in spite of his repeated cautioning the functional heads, they were not able to prepare and put a proposed contingency plan before him as to how to manage different affairs seamlessly during adverse times. When corona cases started surfacing in the country, he was afraid of the possible worst coming on the way. Rupendra  proposed HR Head few days back about exploring the possibility of starting work from home and also making employees aware of staying safe and taking necessary precautions. But service head discouraged the idea of work from home citing many practical problems and reasons.

24×7 power solutions is the company, which deals...

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