Towards Pro-active Institution Building and Leadership Creation: Some Reflections

Towards Pro-active Institution Building and Leadership Creation: Some Reflections
It is at timescorrosive even, to attempt to moderate the way wardness of the key individuals at certain stages of institutions growth. Never-the-less the task cannot be abandoned.

There is a limit to what can be achieved through statutes, regulations, legislations, directives and more. Ultimately, practices determine, substantially, the directions that organizations take.

Practices are often unwritten. Good sense determines their validity.

Unfortunately, good sense cannot be given, taught or ordered by directives. It is something which emerges by the paths that are cut by people’s behavior and thoughts. In course of time, they acquire a determining role and are at times known even to supersede the drafted regulations themselves.

How this happens is not difficult to understand because, ultimately, all rules and regulations are just as valid as the players and hierarchy of the institution allow it to do so. After all, legislation does help to provide the pillars of the organization but it does not always substitute for alive and orderly flow of events and practice of legislation. This fundamental postulate applies usually to the early years of in-house learning institutions and gets a vibrancy of their own. Once these practices get...

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