How Positive Can Positive Thinking Be

How Positive Can Positive Thinking Be
This is the window where positivism needs to walk in. If one is positive, it leads to better management of blood pressure, and better management of the secretion of cells and glands. This needs to be understood at a basic level beyond the standard medical jargonise.

Life is a strange experience which the vicious, the daring, and the humble have all equally failed to unravel fully. Come to think of it, there is no need to work for understanding everything.

Understanding is limited to the human phenomena of the mind, and the competencies of the mind are limited by the brain cells, nerves and more of the human body. The limitless cannot be comprehended by the definition of what is basically limited. The philosophical component of it is that one has to focus on the positive elements of life.

Focusing on the positive elements is not just a strategic choice but an insightful recognition of the facts of life.

This needs to be understood.

There are schools of thought on this planet which believe that all elements of one’s experience are a result of one’s karma at times of this life and at times of other lives of a preceding variety. Not everyone believes this because many believe that there is only one life and hence there is no antecedent. This cannot be the place to resolve this debate.

However, one...

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