Talent: It’s Harnessing and Fallouts

‘Developing oneself’ can be a tricky affair if it does not integrate with the requirements of livelihood.

Each era has a few buzz words. They capture the spirit of the times and define the focus which seems to determine the behaviour pattern. The buzz word of the current times can be several. Amongst the more common ones would be talent, technology, agility, new era, identity, relationships, developing self, waiting for one’s time to come and the list can go on.

Many of these words show an aspirational mindset. They display a pervasive need to realise oneself and to make a contribution to what one considers important. If one can do it in one’s context, nothing like it; else one seeks a context where one can realise one’s best self.

If one can aspire, realise and achieve in one’s own context one seeks relationships in that environment and often it takes the shape of identifying with local traits and projecting their greatness. Local heroes, local resources, local achievements are celebrated and one identifies with them. The context becomes important.

If however, one cannot achieve one’s best self in the environment in which one was born, one tends to...

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Dr. Vinayshil Gautam

Internationally acclaimed management expert. Chairman, DKIF

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Dr. Vinayshil Gautam

Internationally acclaimed management expert. Chairman, DKIF

March 2023

Resetting Performance & Rewards, March 2023 issue

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