Story of Zoya- From engagement to transformation

Story of Zoya- From engagement to transformation

Can employee engagement be realistic? Or it is just some fancy name and swanky pictures and videos? Is it self-sustaining? How do you engage employees and leaders in it? Does it lead to any transformation ever? Let’s see how many of you have managed a challenge to “positively engage” young employees! Here is an experiential journey of Zoya from Engagement to Transformation.

In my normal hush-hush day one call from Mr. Sundar Nagar, Head R&D department stopped my nerves for a while. He asked me for a quick meeting with Zoya’s personnel file. We discussed her case for next one hour.

Zoya joined her first job with us with lots of zeal and enthusiasm. She was a high scorer with positive sense of the situation. She got selected from campus. With extremely supportive seniors, she started performing extremely well in the department. She was the first fresher who got confirmed in six months’ time due to her remarkable performance, breakthrough ideas and...

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