Steps to build diverse teams in organisations

Steps to build diverse teams in organisations
It's encouraging to see India Inc. make significant progress in embracing and nurturing diversity. In the grand scheme of things, creating a truly diverse and inclusive work culture, especially in a nation like India, may be difficult.

Over the last few years, organisations have seen tremendous changes in the way they operate, across business models, digital revolutions, and hiring agendas. To this extent, diversity, equity, and inclusion have become hot topics in today’s boardrooms. More and more businesses are realising that a diverse and inclusive workforce produces greater results because employees are happier and more at ease in their workplace. According to research, firms with women board members outperform those with exclusively male board members financially.

When the pandemic struck and organisations adopted a hybrid work model, there was an accelerated push for boarding multicultural teams, which resulted in diverse teams. With this, it became critical for various teams to work together effectively and efficiently. According to a recent study, cognitive diversity can boost team creativity by 20%. That said, organisations must also be aware of the challenges within diverse teams. It may vary from cultural misunderstandings and prejudices to communication and integration issues among...

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