Redefining Workforce

Redefining Workforce
Redefining Workforce
Covid-19 situation has made companies more accustomed to remote working. A complete evaluation of the pros and cons of remote working is needed with time and the current learning is testing of our resilience and capabilities to continue to deliver value while working remotely and keeping everyone safe.

A decade ago, working from home seemed like a dream especially in India where we neither had the infrastructure or the corporate practise to support it. Working from home attracted many,especially the ones living in the cosmopolitan cities as you could work out of your bed or you didn’t have to pack your lunch, or drive for hours in traffic rush. Ask a millennial today and we learn that remote work is not really a dream anymore as organizations have become more flexible in allowing employees to work from home.Many young professionals are also choosing to work from anywhere because they work on freelance mode or as outsourced employee on assignment basis.

Apparently Work from home (WFH) looks great, until personal obligations gets in the way. While in office, you don’t have to deal with distractions like getting up to answer the door for an Amazon delivery, playing host to a visitor who pays a visit or pausing work to prepare your next meal and probably support your family with daily chores. At home, it...

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Ranjan Sarkar

Director HR at Eptisa India Pvt Ltd. Kolkata

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