Driving workforce towards excellence

Driving workforce towards excellence
The central idea here is allowing employees to come out and speak on their business dreams courageously and limitlessly. Allow people to visualise and come-out with big picture, interact and learn from others' dreams. Nurture and incubate dreaming horizons, is a key job and synonymous of HR.

Dreaming & subsequent rational visualisation, the unusual & prominent ability beyond execution ability is key to business acceleration. And is also pioneer for drastic and radical growth resulting into infinite turnaround. That is HR seeing and co-creating genuine BIG picture. And is not a stuff and monopoly of employees having great qualification, exam-ranks and technology friends. Anyone in the manufacturing/ performance world can demonstrate excellence provided if we as HR create an opportunity for employees to open-up. Find hidden-boundaries and run breaks to cross boundaries. That is to say, even ground staff and employee from typical/atypical workforce has an ability to dream-up for the organisation and can add immense value. Seeing dream do not require formal training/degree and rank which is otherwise inherent and natural. What is required is to provide freedom to employee to share his dream with others, interact/open-up, learn from structured interaction and connect with others & with their varied dreams.

To move on, let’s start FIRST with a few...

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