Pushing at wall?

Pushing at wall?

It was around 9 AM when Kewal Khurana (Popularly known and called as KK by all) checked his inbox before preparing for routine meeting with his managers and teams; there were mails from all the four executives including Naveen with whom he had a video call. The mail narrated the abusive language and humiliating behaviour of KK with them last night over video call. Kewal also noticed that the copy of the mail was marked to AGM of the supply chain, HR, and MD also. Naveen was Sr. Executive in supply chain department including three others. Kewal was general manager of the department.

It was unbelievable for Kewal to accept and digest that all these boys would also dare to write such mail with copy to his seniors. Because he was in habit of having such meeting with all his subordinates using foul language, KK thought that it was his USP to get the things done from subordinates and got indirect acceptance. Last night around 10pm Kewal decided to do a video call meeting with all the four executives of his department...

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