Next Gen Leader has to be more agile and flexible

Next Gen Leader has to be more agile and flexible
Leadership development needs to be more agile. Instead of getting people ready for the next job, we need to put people in varied jobs, provide real time coaching and support and grow them into these jobs.

How is the concept of next gen leadership evolving in the face of current business situations?

ML Workforce of the future will be radically different – and not just diverse in terms of backgrounds/age/race/ethnicity but also in how they think and feel about work. Also as work locations become more and more flexible, the next generation of leaders is looking at managing an even more complex workforce with diverse needs and working styles.

Next gen leaders will also have to manage the external ecosystem with great agility considering the constant and rapid development of new technology, shifting geopolitical dynamics and regulations. Staying tuned to the developments and responding to these in real time will be an imperative. Leaders will need to have the ability to tap into experts in various areas and be able to weigh alternatives quickly and make decisions.

What are the likely challenges that an...

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Madhavi Lall

Managing Director and Head HR at Deutsche Bank, Mumbai

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