Leader has to thrive in complexity and tough volatility

Leader has to thrive in complexity and tough volatility

How is the concept of next-gen leadership evolving in the face of current business situations?

SC There are three primary factors in the current business situation which will define the evolution of the next generation leadership.

External environment :

As country and regional economies become more integrated and interconnected, the world’s economic systems have become much more volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA). Low crude oil prices, a strong US dollar, rising interest rates in the United States, and the slowdown in China especially in the current context of Covid19 – all of these factors move in tandem and increase volatility globally. Closer to home, political uncertainty and infrastructure bottlenecks add to the uncertainty and unpredictability in the business environment. Another aspect of complexity has been the volatile nature of financial capital flows and...

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Sutanu Chowdhury

Sr. Vice President & Head HR at Spencer's Retail

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