L&D has to lead the organisation as gardener

L&D has to lead the organisation as gardener
The real question L&D is facing right now is about the attention. Is the attention span of people low in online learning? Do they easily get distracted by notifications on their mobile phones? So, attention is the thing L&D has to keep this in mind.

Do you see L&D changing more broadly after pandemic crisis and why does it need a revamp for the new workplace?

TD L&D has never ever been so responsible and in demand like today’s business scenario. Organisations have realised the need and significance of L&D in these rapidly changing times. All other functions now have high expectations from L&D for their progress and prosperity.

Adaptability, agility, up-skilling and re-skilling have become the saviour for business to survive and thrive. To make so; everyone now looks up to L&D to help them in this transformative journey. With the imposed limitations on movement almost everything is becoming digital. Interactions with internal and external customers are changing. Adapting to these new normal demands both skill and will.

Here L&D takes the role of Sherpa who enables the climber to reach the mountain top. To make that happen...

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Tapas Dasmohapatra

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