HR strategies for transformation to the new normal

HR strategies for transformation to the new normal
Performance appraisal would have to shift entirely to outcome based instead of activity based or input based. New guidelines would have to be framed for performance appraisal and both employees and their supervisors trained on the new appraisal methodology.

Covid-19 has created a huge disruption in the way many of us work – the place we work from, the hours of work, the tools we use to work, the way we work with others and how we manage the work of others. Covid 19 constitutes a major point of inflection and some of the changes brought about by Covid-19 will come to stay, even after covid. The nature of work and workplace is undergoing a huge transformation and HR has to be in the forefront driving this change.

The new normal of work and workplace beyond covid

Outside the technology companies, “work from home” was not an option available before covid, and even in technology companies, the option was available only for certain roles. Working from home, which became a necessity during the lockdown will became a matter of choice. It is likely to stay beyond covid for many support positions and part of the managerial roles where it was previously not thought feasible, and will in future become the new...

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