Harjeet Khanduja, Sr. Vice President HR of Reliance Jio is perhaps the only HR Master who has the expertise and wisdom of explaining complex HR issues in a simple way through picking up threads from daily life incidents and interactions. He is also known as RK Laxman of Business.

The best-seller author of HOW LEADERS DECIDE has now come up with three book series on Employee Management Mastermind, Hiring Mastermind, and Employee Retention Mastermind. It is said as a pack of HR Mastermind Trilogy. Three three-part book series has everything for all who in any way are connected with people and interested in HR function. It is the all-in-one solution to everything HR.

This book series is meticulously crafted to guide you from the basics of Humana Resource Management (HRM) to mastery. The author has used jargon-free simple language to explain human resources from scratch.

In HIRING MASTERMIND, which is the first book in which author has covered some of the essential elements that lay the foundation for sustained productivity and organizational success. This book not only helps you navigate talent acquisition but also reveals strategic secrets to build a workforce that drives the whole organization to unmatched success.

It goes beyond the conventional hiring playbook, delving into the heart of creating an environment where every team member is not just an asset but an integral contributor to the collective achievement.

The practical exercises after each chapter present real-world scenarios along with over 100 additional resources designed to enhance your real-life application skills.

The second book of the series is about EMPLOYEE RETENTION MASTERMIND. It is tailored to enhance your effectiveness in your role. Presented in easy language, enriched with real-life examples, profound insights, and practical tips, this book aims to empower you with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the intricate world of Human Resource Management.

Employee Retention Mastermind is your indispensable resource, offering more than just conventional strategies and provides actionable insights to fortify the connection between your team and your organisaton.

This book guides you in ways to retrain, engage, and develop you as performer. It also tells you how to create a high-performance organization so that you can significantly enhance your return on investment in human resources.
This book serves as your blueprint for cultivating a workforce that not only endures but excels, ensuring our organization not only survives but thrives.

The third book of the series EMPLOYEE MANAGEMENT MASTERMIND guides you through the art of crafting transactions encompassing the design aspects of compensation, talent life-cycle management as well as risk and compliances. It guides leveraging technology to improve the speed and quality of transaction. It also explains the philosophy behind the compensation, talent life-cycle management, risks and compliances to improve ownership and productivity of people to accelerate the growth of your organization.

You can hire and retain the best if you can manage people risks, and compensation & automate the processes using technology. This book illuminates the path to mastery, guiding you through the intricacies of talent life cycle management, from navigating compensation complexities to ensuring seamless compliance with labor regulations.

Employee Management Mastermind extensively provides a comprehensive view of compensation & benefits, talent life cycle management, risks, governance & labor compliances, succession planning, Digital HR, AI and Analytics.

Each chapter concludes with hands-on exercises, presenting practical scenarios that serve as invaluable tools to hone your skills. The books are not just books, it’s a dynamic resource empowering you to navigate the evolving entire landscape of HR with confidence.

The illustrative graphics of the books are quite engaging and enhance comprehension. It travels beyond theoretical insights with a wealth of practical tips and real-life experiences. The three-book series is a treasure for not only aspiring and seasoned HR professionals but also for entrepreneurs.

Publisher- Zebralearn, – Rs. 2990/-

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