Full circle

Full circle

Year 2020 and 2021 would be written in the history of business world as the years of turmoil that have changed the mindset of leaders at large in terms of people management and business operations.

The factors which were not on discussion table or less considered till 2021 gained the centre space and consumed much attention and time of organisations. HR professionals also found them in a sphere where entirely different challenges and priorities were laid before them. Reflecting on the past year’s tragic time as student of Human Resources Management, i feel that businesses and HR professionals those worked on leadership, talent management, employee mental health, listening with empathy, performance management, employee experience, technological automation, remote working models, business HR and organization development and had mind set of quick adaptability, were better prepared to manage and come out of difficult time more easily than others.

During covid period we brought out cover stories on diversified aspects of HR and made attempts to know and understand from Industry experts and HR stalwarts various issues people, businesses and leaders faced.

Our December edition is a collector’s issue. The edition contains fourteen best interviews and articles of HR experts on different subjects published during covid time. It was very difficult for us to select few jewels from the crown keeping in mind the space constraint as each one published in every issue is time tested unique piece of deep insights.

The attempt is to present a holistic view of HR function, its challenges and get ready to prepare for better future work world.

Those find place in this collector’s issue are T. V. Rao, V. P. Mathur, Bimal Rath, Niharika Mohan, Sameer Nagarajan, Sanjeev Sharan, Rajorshi Ganguli, Arun Kumar Sinha, Emmanuel David, Manu Narang Wadhwa, Saagarika Ghoshal, Srinidhi Dasaka, A Annapurna and Tannistha Chatterjee.

Anil Kaushik

A Management thinker, Educator, Motivator, Guest Speaker of Management Institutes, Consultant, author of labour law books and President of Indian HR Forum, with about three decades of deep rooted understanding, Floor experience and research in HRM Area and Training has led many organizations to a path of productivity, performance and profits with business linked HR strategies.

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