Coach Should Widen the Thinking and Perspective

Coach Should Widen the Thinking and Perspective
While there are various 'skills/qualities' that are enlisted by different bodies/organisations, they may not be mutually exclusive or collectively exhaustive. What is important is 'Being Coach' and we may essentially look at and build on the following elements :

Does Coaching really work in organisations and help transform the business?

JP Coaching is one of the effective ways to help people and organisations in their developmental/transformational journeys. The primary reason for any process/idea to work is acceptability and ownership (Performance = Idea X Acceptance). If acceptance is low, performance goes down, even with a great idea/thought. Coaching helps in this as it goes through the stages of reflection, introspection, awareness, realization, awakening, internalization and hence motivated action. The metamorphic shifts are hence deeper and longer term. While it may not be the only factor that contributes to results in a multivariate system with several degrees of freedom, it sure is an effective process to align of them towards optimal outcomes. When in doubt, coach it out!!

What are the coaching skills a coach should have?


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