Between Emotions and Relationships


Attempt to understand human nature and motivation is almost as old as ‘history of ideas’. At different points of time, different theories have emerged and attempts have been made to ascribe relative weightages to it. Depending upon the context one or another point of view has been appreciated, received adulation and held out as the key mover of human action.

Management literature has a surfeit of writings on motivation. The assumption being, if you understand motivation, you understand it all and there is no need to delve deep into any other domain for getting results. This is a palpably consoling thought. Like all consoling thoughts, it has its limitations. Whether it is Maslow, Herzberg or whoever else, one cannot move the world on the lever of motivation. The lever would need a fulcrum. It is this understanding of the nature of the fulcrum that has progressively occupied more space in management literature. The fulcrum may come in the form of opportunity, resources, timeliness of the action or indeed the skill of the doer. The list of components that go into...

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Dr. Vinayshil Gautam

Internationally acclaimed management expert. Chairman, DKIF

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Dr. Vinayshil Gautam

Internationally acclaimed management expert. Chairman, DKIF

January 2023

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