2017 Disruptions – Chasing the Rainbow

2017 Disruptions – Chasing the Rainbow
Power is a tool that can help build a stronger organization. Rational, devoted people who are promoted to positions of greater responsibility and authority usually view themselves as being in a new function, not as having greater power. Presiding over larger numbers of people, functions or funds for the sake of controlling more people and things is not their goal.

When the CHRO of a large consulting firm chooses to fast forward her career by “sleeping with the top”, (while actively engaging on empowerment to women) or when a CHRO of a fast growing accounting firm decides that the best way to become rich and famous is to be on the “staffing vendor payment list”(while actively engaging on vendor rationalization for cost management) or when a CHRO of a large business conglomerate makes a choice in favor of “loyalty to the leader” (and actively sponsoring the Boss’s compensation and commission to the remuneration committee) as against the institution or when a CHRO believes people as a “dispensable capital resources” (and actively advocating hire and fire) and more importantly when a CEO loses his job for “colluding with his CHRO” (and playing favorites to some leaders) to divide and rule to stay in power, you know that staff members of these organizations are chasing a rainbow. Disgusting! Their companys’vision statements are not born out of a...

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Dr. Ganesh Shermon

is a Managing Partner with Advisory Channels Inc. (www.PsychometricTesting.org). Prior to Advisory Channels Inc. Dr. Shermon was a Global Steercom Partner for People & Change Practice with KPMG LLP.

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