Skill with functional exposure will be the best composition

Skill with functional exposure will be the best composition - Sanjeev Sharan
Investing in preparing individuals with the right skills but not enough on functional experience is not a recommended effort. Skill with functional exposure strengthens knowledge and enhances capability. Both are essential for an individual to perform consistently.

Recently, acquiring talent has shifted focus from the right job fit to the right skill fit. What are the requirements of skill-based hiring and how are organisations adapting to this changing requirement?

SS With the gradual change in the economy around the world skill is taking the front seat. A requirement of a right fit role comprises “experience + qualification + attitude + adaptability + Skill in the same order of priority. In traditional recruitment qualification and experience gets the priority and while skill falls later. Now with the change in business conditions skill is getting due importance. Covid and Post covid economy has forced organisations to rethink on their manpower planning. Many organisations are going through stress of Recouping and reviving from the impact and to address this they need “right skilled people”.

Skill-based recruitment is the process of hiring the right ability to do the job. It is the practice of screening and hiring new employees based on their skills, capabilities, and...

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Sanjeev Sharan

is associated as Director- HR with ZTE Telecom. He is also author of "Flipside of Management- 7 funny tales" & NLP Practitioner.

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