Pandemic strengthened work-life mash-up where the two co-exist

Pandemic strengthened work-life mash-up where the two co-exist
I would say that the pandemic has been an eye-opener on many fronts. It quelled many myths that we had been living with over so many years. The most important had been that we needed people/teams around us/physically present for work to happen.

Is work life balance still deemed as a misnomer in the culture of productivity or pandemic has changed this thought process?

SG We live in a world where work and life are becoming increasingly integrated. Balance signifies tussle between two different entities (work and life). If we changed the perspective to integration of the two, it would help a lot; an Integration where there are no hard boundaries between the professional needs and personal needs. Say, a person following work life balance might work from 9-6 pm and after that will devote time towards personal activities. Someone focusing on work life integration might take a break to attend a virtual parent-teacher dialogue from the child’s school, celebrate a family birthday, and again resume work to complete it In our daily lives too, we are living in a mash-up. Everything is becoming interconnected with unified devices. To me, work life balance is akin to the era of desktops. When you left work after 6, the work...

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Shailesh Goyal

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