In Quest of Creating Empowerment Ecology

In Quest of Creating Empowerment Ecology
This is not just the one-way approach but the two-way communication and network of different derived processes where empowerment reaction will be triggered by the empowerment holders in empowerment ecology.

Empowerment ecology builds the environment. It is a building block with every emotion and expectation that settles the bricks of emotions, sand particles of expectations, and symmetry of perceptions. Hence that turns to sustainable empowerment and plans for the farthest innovations to be experimented. Empowerment is the state of owning the power within, peeling the power within, and practicing the power outside with positive intentions and scenarios. Empowerment is considered the power of silence. This bridges the gaps from the power of silence to the power of speech, the power of unknowing to the power of knowing, the power of learning to the power of experience, the power of implementing to the power of change, and the power of limitation to the power of extension.

Empowerment ecology keeps its world of significance with its varied dimensions and practices. This itself has its inside around and outside universe of relatable aspects within the rest of the situations and alterations. Some of the organisations across the world seamlessly initiated visionary alliances for...

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Dr. Chandan Medatwal

is professor and philanthropist recognized as an 'Empowerment Ecologist' and Sociopreneur. Chandan is currently Assistant Professor at NIIT University, Neemrana.

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