Employee Experience is a great enabler

Employee Experience is a great enabler

How do you understand employee experience and why it has gained so much importance in present time?

SS Employee experience (Ex) is continuous experience of an employee in the organization. It works like spice ingredients in our professional life, Better the ingredients tastier the food!! Emp Ex covers entire life cycle of an employee and not merely a part of it. (Aarambh to Iti)

An employee is combination of emotions, feelings and expression. They perform much better with positive and good experience. Employee experience is an important factor to drive performance, recruitment, retention, internal motivation, organization brand which in long run impacts bottom line.

WFH and Hybrid mode has impacted it directly due to “absence of working together”. Screen has taken place of working buddies. Unfortunately screen has its own limitation in providing “desired experience” hence organizations are forced to introspect and focus on following people led business concerns :

Driving consistent performance – How to drive consistent...

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Sanjeev Sharan

is associated as Director- HR with ZTE Telecom. He is also author of "Flipside of Management- 7 funny tales" & NLP Practitioner.

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