Turnaround of organisation culture is a must

Turnaround of organisation culture is a must

1. Anybody with or without a management degree or background can label Kewal as insecure, system defying, autocratic, insensitive, and incompetent manager and aptly so. The whole case underscores ineffective management style practiced by Kewal at every juncture-routine or exceptional. A highly only-results oriented (by hook or by crook) manager, with no respect for human beings, characterized by inflated ego, ineffective manners, inefficient work ways, myopic vision, lack of planning, and crooked thought process; makes one wonder that despite the unending list of malefic adjectives, how did he survive and reach this position without being noticed or taken to task or written off by the management.

Perhaps the answer lies in the second part of question that the reason he survived so long was that he resonated well with the organisation culture. The case overtly mentions absence of systems, highly disorganized processes, toxic work culture, dirty politics, unethical practices and nepotism. In such environs only those...

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