We have to be the best versions of ourselves everyday

We have to be the best versions of ourselves everyday
In coversation with Saagarika Ghoshal, Apurva Purohit an author, a business leader and a perfect woman at home speaks about maintaining work-life balance, handling workplace issues, motivating and leading people. Interview excerpts :

You are a successful career person and a great Wife and Mother – How do you manage to keep the balance and what is the secret?

AP I often tell women who ask me whether they can have it all, that yes they can, however not all of it at the same time! Thus in a career span of 40 years we will achieve all that our heart desires however at different points in time we will have to give priority to different things. The trick is to learn to prioritize what is important at that particular moment in time. Thus instead of balance if we strive for integrating all the different aspects of our lives and then between them picking what to focus on, I think we can succeed in whatever we set out to do.

The Boss Lady is always debatable in most of the workplaces and given that, building team spirit to get results is often a difficult thing to do. Tell me about a time when you had your greatest success.

AP I will quote an anecdote from my book “Lady you re the boss” on what it takes to build...

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Apurva Purohit

President at Jagran Prakashan Group, Mumbai

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