Culture is Created by Top-Down Approach

Culture is Created by Top-Down Approach
HR needs to understand location/geo situations and cascade that basis need of the situation.

What are the factors that help define/decode the work culture?

SP The key factors that define work culture is Trust and Communication. If we keep faith and ensure transparent communication within our teams it goes long way not only for employer but even for team and managers working with individuals.

Can HR influence and drive the workplace culture? If so, how?

SP HR can drive workplace culture but culture is created by top-down approach. HR can drive by ensuring to pass the right culture and values of organisation via their policies and other HR activities example R&R. Culture.

It is generally advocated to have a “strong” work culture. How do you define that? Is strong different from the “positive” or “people first” kind of concepts?

SP Strong work culture means employee driven culture where we have capacity to listen to employees, understand their grievances and support them for their...

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