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HR trends to build the workplace of the future

In a highly competitive industry, it is important for leaders to be able to win in the workplace, before winning in the marketplace. As we head into 2023, we look back and reflect on the last two years, which have laid the foundation for the future. The disruptions caused by the pandemic resulted...

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Emerging HR Trends in 2023

The Post-Covid world has emphasized the need for the talent market to be extremely creative. Quintessential HR functions operate as a ‘new normal’ in many ways – HR teams are looking through the kaleidoscope of employee and business demands to achieve long term, sustainable, career and...

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Trends in Human Resources and The Workplace

The human resource (HR) function of business organizations is steadily moving its positioning from being a cost-centre to becoming a profit-centre. Along with it, the business workplace too has evolved in a multi-fold and substantial manner. We look at the top 5 trends in HR and the workplace that...

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May 2024

Managing Talent - May 2024

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