Turn the threat in to opportunity

A double edged policy - Be or not to be?
This problem can be addressed by implementing solutions that neutralize the employee retention risk caused by social media. Social media training should be done to make employees focus on positive social media behaviours, like collaboration, which can increase satisfaction and attachment, countering turnover risks.

Social media can be a powerful communication tool for employees, helping them to collaborate, share ideas and solve problems. Research studies have shown that more than 80% of employees think that social media can improve work relationships and 60% of employees believe that social media supports their decision-making processes. These studies affirm that majority of workers connect with colleagues on social media, even during work hours. This is also seen in the case study during conversation between HR Malti and Team Lead wherein the team lead confidently responds to Malti’s question that she is reading too much on a probable issue that may surface due to increased use of social media sites by employees during working hours thereby causing delays to projects and loss of productivity by losing valuable company time. Team Lead clarified to Malti that they are not at all misusing social media, rather using it as a tool to enhance their knowledge by speaking to working professionals in other companies for solutions that they themselves are not able...

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