It is an Interplay of Multitude of Factors

It is an Interplay of Multitude of Factors
Key elements of a preferred workplace type of culture include trust, transparency, flexibility, opportunities for growth, work-life balance, and a supportive community.

What are the factors that help define/decode the work culture?

DV A healthy culture is shaped by a multitude of factors, including the personal ethos of the apex leader or founder, communication norms, organisational values, and employee behaviours. These elements interplay to create an environment where leaders and employees understand expectations, collaborate effectively, and feel a sense of belonging.

Can HR influence and drive the workplace culture? If so, how?

DV Absolutely, we play a key role in influencing and steering workplace culture. Foremost, by understanding what the business offers, an adept strategic HR practitioner can facilitate the crystallizing of the fundamental “why” behind the ‘what’ for organisations. Playing the role of a challenger and facilitator, once existing norms are dissected and the ideal state is uncovered, ensuring alignment to business strategy and commitment is gathered is the role of this function. Once the “why” is a...

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is Regional Director - People & Talent, Middle East Communications Network (MCN). Recently she was recognized as one of Asia's rising 100 Women Power leaders in 2023. She holds over 17 years of experience as a Tech-focused HR Leader.

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