Dr. Ajay Data

Ajay Data, MD, Data Group, Jaipur, said, “Building a happiness quotient at workplace is a must keeping in view the new generation employees’ changed priorities in difficult time.” Data, who has a strong command in manufacturing and IT sector, was speaking as Chief Guest in the inaugural session at the conclave. He added that now businesses are not passed from one generation to another. Instead start-ups are revitalising their people management practices to become growing yet joyful work environment. “HR should not micromanage and let the employees perform independently and only monitor at pre-decided timeline,” he added.

Data signifies the importance of automation and technology advancment in HR by giving example of his group that employed and on boarded 1200 employees in last quarter and started the project in one month. The HR used its own video conferencing software VideoMeet and Email enterprice management system data mail to eliminate the entire manual documentation process and conducted the entire HR process virtually in respect of hiring new professionals.

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