Author - Surbhi Dewan

postgraduate in HR, in her current role, is Vice President-HR at Ashiana Housing Ltd.
An alumnus of New York University and a certified PI & Top grading practitioner with 19+ years' work experience across industries like Real Estate, Logistics, Public Relations, IT, Logistics and ITEs Surbhi is a drafting committee member for the 1992 code of practice on safety and health in construction industry & has represents India at the International Labor Organization (ILO), Geneva. Other accolades include Business World 40 under 40 Club of Achievers (2020) & the PeopleFirst HR Excellence Award (2021).

It is a shared responsibility

For culture-building, everyone in the organisation is responsible. Shared responsibility for culture throughout an organisation involves different people and functions within the organisation playing different roles in developing and maintaining the culture.

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March 2024

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