Author - Sristhi Assudani

With 17 years of experience as a Technology Sales Leader and an Entrepreneur, Srishti has Deep knowledge and a strong proven track record in domain and technology consulting. Her education includes a Computer Engineering Degree from GGSIPU in 2006 and Executive management course from IIM Bangalore in 2011 and DEFi Curriculum from Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. Her blockchain journey started in 2020 as an exploration towards emerging technology in supply chain and Real Estate domains. As the Chief Business Officer for P2E Pro, Sristhi is building and managing geographically distributed teams driving revenue and profit gains while enhancing organizational reach and market share. She is helping to make Web3 technologies more accessible to the masses. She is a member of Hyperledger India Chapter, Global Blockchain Association, InternationalToken Standardization Association, and IEEE Blockchain Council. She is also empaneled as CBDC expert with Digital Euro Association. Additionally, she also member of WorldMetaverse council and Chapter President of VR/AR Association. She was featured as one of most influential Blockchain leaders in 2022 and top women blockchain leader by International Virtual Summit Women Frontier in 2021.

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