All managers have to transit to people focused leadership role

All managers have to transit to people focused leadership role
The amendments have been proposed to promote a collective facilitation along with seamless implementation and ease of doing business.The labour laws were too voluminous and ambiguous which promoted prolonged litigations and there was an urgent need to rationalise and consolidate.

Visualising at the post covid business scenario, would IR/ER front also be changed or will remain same and if yes, what changed dimensions do you foresee emerging in industrial Relations/Employee relations?

PR The COVID pandemic has called for a big change management.

The artifacts of employee relations need to be redefined and the same needs to be focussed on developing and deploying innovative ways and mechanisms for employee connect, communication and motivation frameworks, inculcating new normal work habits and behaviours and ensuring new order of systems and processes for personal hygiene & safety not only for the self but for the immediate and extended social eco systems.

The new work order also demands revisiting the work relationship models at the personal level, social level, psychological level and calls for demonstration of a high degree of empathetic quotient to ensure that the whole challenge of...

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Dr. Prashant Rao

Vice President & Head - Corporate HR at Deepak Group Co., Vadodara (Gujarat)

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