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Work culture is at stake, change it!

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The strong Cultures have commanding collision on people in the organization. As a consequence, everyone moves in the same direction as a coherent team and goal attainment becomes a much easier endeavour. 

Diagnosed blueprint : The culture of the Perfect Motors Ltd. was really wretched. It was reflected in whatsapp message sent by Director of one vehicle manufacturers (OEM) to young director Mohan Prakash of Perfect Motors Ltd., stating therein a lot of complaints related to people, performance and productivity of Tamil Nadu plant. The Tamil Nadu plant of Perfect Motors came into operation just 2 yrs back to feed its OEM clients in South India with full automation.

It's clearly showing the employees are not well aligned with the objectives of Company. They are only doing the work at will in negative manner. The root causes relate to quality, production, productivity & delivery time lies in the engaged work force/system of recruitments process which had been ignored.

The Plant Head of Perfect Motors, Tamil Nadu plant, Mr. Sundramony had been recruited by management as Plant Head with a motive that he is having a good exposure & good relations with surrounding and similar kind of industries. The un-structured way of recruitment process led to make groupism in terms of formation of un-declared group of people hail from South India, Gujarat, AP, West Bengal, Karnataka within the years of plant operation, resulting in group patronage either from corporate office or Govt. officials or from local politicians. This seems to be the first mistake in organizational context & its aspect & impact has exhibited later on.

Akio Morita has once said "Your business and it's future are in the hand of the people you hire."

Here, it is also relevant to quote the lines of Henry Ford "You could repossess all his factories & burn all his ware - houses to ground, but that if you could only left him with his people; he could rebuild everything that had been lost."

Factors for declining people, process & productivity : Since the Perfect Motors Ltd. has adopted modern technology based automated plant in Tamil Nadu hence they could also espouse to hire the best talent rather than referral candidates to some extent. The main causes of this unenthusiastic working environment exist in the Perfect Motors viz: hurriedly recruitment, lack of co-operation, co-ordination & direction with corporate office with unit, un-healthy PMS, lack of EI (Employee Engagement) activities, and deficiency in Rewards & Recognition (R&R) policies etc.

In this situation, firstly, the company should draft a business goal & objective and align it with KRA (Key Result Area) of an individual employee across the hierarchical level to accomplish the desired in a quantum of work as KPI (Key Performance Area).

Secondly, the performance management systems (PMS) cycle should be prearranged & initially, evaluated in every quarter/every six month to appraise the performance of each individual of Perfect Motors. The PMS exercise would help the management to explore the gap of skill set exist in an individual employee as well as the desired skill set required to execute the specific jobs. Once the PMS exercise is over & gap of each individual diagnosed & reviewed, a training of desired skill set formulated in a unremitting manner whether it's soft skill or technical skill need to be taken up. The management of Perfect Motors should also draft & lay down the training man days per employee per year.

Thirdly, the well formulated training calendar should be in place and conducted among the employees with management commitments. The effectiveness of training as conducted must be monitored carefully by a senior official of HR & data facts sheet prepared accordingly to design the various programs related to performance level.

Fourthly, considering the current situation & mind set or culture of working environment in Perfect Motors, some R&R (Rewards & Recognition) related policies could be drafted & adhered to enhance the involvement & motivation level of employees.

The rejoinder & attitude of Mr. Sameer, a Manager indicates the unconstructive culture of the organization. Mr. Sameer’s dialogue with Mr. Sundramony and a call of VP rank officer of corporate office would be enough example of culture persists in Perfect Motors. The incident of sleeping of two workers and the hesitant approach of shift engineer related to written complaint is of worker enormous warning sign of dreadful discipline in the plant. This incident has coerced the plant head to believe that maintaining the discipline is just wastage of time & energy because whenever he tried to take punitive actions against any major misconduct of employee, pressure was mounted on him from diverse sources which would escort the way of fearless & free will work concept amongst the employees.

Men-machine Amalgamation : Many machines were not fully configured to run in full automation. This lead the plant operation to run at only 40% capacity. The computers kept in IT deptt. to synchronize with machines were not in operation since faulty computer parts were replaced with others computers without procuring the damaged parts. It exhibits the total working culture rampage though; the Perfect Motors has purchased it with a notion of automation.

Altering human variables & achieving culture of collaboration : Considering the current operational environment in Perfect Motors, Mohan Prakash would also focus on perception, attitude, values, and belief of employees which can be changed to allay the sources of divergence that subsists in unit. In the midst of the measure to change human variables are a series of training programmes to be launched in organization setting, frequently to develop empathy & inter personal skills among them. Once the human variables are set in order, Mr. Mohan Prakash should start to build a culture of collaboration which promotes emotional integration, build mutuality; develop synergy & collective actions, group norms & facilitating climate. The culture of collaboration involving all the hierarchical level of Perfect Motors would help and be useful to all employees.

Establishing R&R practices : Individual or team may be recognized and rewarded for remarkable achievements in task involving company growth. Later, effectively implemented systems will help to trust building, team building, empathy etc. are to be developed. Open communication would also encourage the employee to give and receive feedback on resentment and other negative feelings. Process review & feedback systems would enable employees to change their behavior and avoid blockage to relationship & would pave the way to achieve the common goals of business objective. There should be a provision for need based training linked to appraisal; the team based structure is instrumental in improving productivity & Morale.

Creating autonomy & building self managed team (SMT) : The managing team of Perfect Motors should make attempt to form a group of a specific skill set employee under the dynamic leadership of seniors officials of corp. office capable enough to form excellent work team with provision of autonomy of work. The top officials stimulate self control among them through commitment to goal and enhanced individual autonomy and respect. The belief of SMT would induce the every members to make sacrifice to achieve the target & goal as assigned.

Innovative HR practices & profit as a vote of trust : The prevailing HR practices should be reviewed since the impact of these policies & procedure are not working in a way that desired by corporate conscientious leaders of Perfect Motors Ltd. The Perfect Motors should start extraordinary learning & development program and mentoring process to mould the employee mindset in order to accomplish their task and best fit in the company.

An attempt may be made to connect corporate mission, craft a powerful team, focus on right issue, expand management commitments, be willing to change, set measurable objectives, focus on right associates etc. to make Perfect Motors a learning organization & harness the energies of individuals in determining the strength of group forces.