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Anil Kaushik

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Business environment in India is changing fast so the leadership skills. It’s face is shifting. It is not much about managing the business but perfectly managing the multi generational workforce aspirations in complex cultural surroundings. Next Gen. Leadership cannot afford to follow the dotted lines sketched by previous leadership. It has to be different in many ways.

The dimensions are multifold. Identifying the leadership potential, preparing them with required skills and making organisation ready to be lead by Next Gen. Leaders. It has to move from hierarchical functioning, power positions and seniority lead movements. The way we see at leadership must change. It requires new competencies and new approach.

It is for HR to identify the HI-potential people in organisations and work for their up-skilling. It requires a right kind of culture where such identified leadership talent get environment to grow. Existing leaders have to support such initiative to build a leadership pipeline. Learning the leadership skills is not the issue; understanding the character and competence of a leader and practicing them honestly is required.

Nature of workforce is changing. Millennials and next gen are becoming mainstream. This workforce expectations from their leaders are different. They look for inspiring and not authoritative leadership. With trust, openness, transparency and honesty Next Gen Leadership has to have a mix of soft and hard skills with a fine balance. Adaptability, collaboration, self awareness, democratic, innovative mindset, tech savvy, flexible, ready to challenge status quo, thinking out of box and authentic are such skills one must have to lead the organisation. Next Gen Leaders must cultivate a desire and commitment to make a difference by adding value to business.

Next Gen. leaders must allow the learning, unlearning and relearning because the skills required today are going to become irrelevant in next few years. In the era of ambiguity, they must keep themselves ready to address the unforeseen challenges and be self cultivators and generate positive energy among employees. While sharpening people handling capabilities, these leaders should relinquish some control and delegate judiciously some powers to develop further leadership at different levels.

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