Article (December-2016)


Who motivates, rewards & recognizes HR professionals?

Dr. Tapomoy Deb

Designation : -   Vice President - HR

Organization : -  JK Lakshmi Cement Ltd., New Delhi


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From  employee welfare orientation to managing human capital, HR professionals have come a long way. Today HR professionals are entrusted with transformational work rather than bogged down with transactional work only. Many progressive companies in India have segregated transactional functions as Personnel & Administration while keeping transformational works under the gambit of Human Resource Management function. 

The transformational assignments fundamentally requires HR professionals to motivate, engage, nurture, grow, develop and retain their talents especially identified top talents in order to build and sustain leadership pipeline and a strategically agile yet differentiated workforce. Reward and recognition programmes are one of the key pillars of these endeavours.

However, in this process of entrustment, who is accountable for motivating, nurturing, growing, developing and engaging talented HR professionals is still not clear in many  corporates. In my own experience of more than two decades, I have seen special reward and recognition programmes for scientists, and even trainees like GETs, MTs, but I am yet to come across organizational processes, systems and programmes especially carved out by organizations to motivate, reward and recognize HR professionals. I do not know whether there is even desired sensitivity on this theme amongst business leaders. At the end of the day, HR professionals are also alike their other professionals colleagues. Does it mean that business leaders including CEOs think HR professionals are some special breeds who are expected to be only self-motivated? At the same time, invariably all HR professionals are accountable for and are busy with creating and implementing innovative motivational and reward programmes in their organizations!  

It is widely believed that 'a happy employee keeps customers happy'. Is it the same case when we talk of HR professionals? By aptly calling HR professionals as Custodians we seem to have done very little for the custodians themselves. In my view, HR professionals are partly responsible for this state of affairs also. I strongly feel that HR professionals especially the new generation needs to take up this cause and ensure that their organizations create some credible means of motivating and recognizing HR professionals.