Article (January-2022)


While depending on technology, HR cannot afford to ignore employee experience

Ashutosh Sinha

Designation : -   Head - Human Resources

Organization : -  Tuyasmart India Private Limited


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As HR function seems becoming more automated, what are some of the most important areas we see transforming workplaces by digital adaptation?

AS Change is Constant and adapting to change is the new normal. The new scenario is taking us the HR Leaders with Business Leadership team to build a future ready resource and ecosystem through digitalization. The new normal has lead us to work through the hybrid working environment and introspect and visualise how technology can be used to improve recruitment and onboarding, personal connect, employee engagement, learning and development, performance evaluation, etc. Search teams through the Artificial Intelligence tools is leveraging in per-screening the potential candidates through the audio-video interactions, Psychometric-Personality test, checking through networking and social media accounts, etc during the hiring process. The AI tool results are time efficient, easier and faster to connect and even reduces in cost per hire. The Data can also be used to measure the efficiency of the hiring manager's KPI. A cloud based management system has helped the HR professional to increase in productivity, planning and optimisation of time. Data and its analysis plays a big role. The digitalization of Learning & Development through virtual training programs with lots of content through audio-video inputs, roleplays, case study stories have completely changed the traditional way of knowledge sharing and imparting and is also giving flexibility to learn at any point of time, reduction of cost, replay of contents till you are not able to understand the concept and the fear of asking questions. The digital platform can be used in connecting with employees from any part of the globe, bringing them on one platform to appreciate and recognise them. This will lead to increase in their moral and motivate them for a healthy competition in a non-biased work environment.

How HR professionals should prepare themselves in terms of their own skill sets to make optimum use of technology?

AS Transforming workplaces and digitalization of business will also require its Human Resource professionals to change with the demand and need of hour. They would be required to adapt to new technologies, become more tech savvy and still not lose the personal human touch. The new technology skills which the HR professionals need to prepare themselves on would be HRIS, AI based Talent Acquisition software, Talent Management software, and use of Social Networking Media platforms to name a few. Since data and its analysis will play a big role so the data input mechanism and its authenticity will have to be accurate and robust. They will have to be more creative, must adapt and learn the fundamental elements of successful design thinking, analytical and data driven, etc. Building relationship skills and enhancing Interpersonal skills will also be important. Effectively and efficiently usage of HRIS solution will help in streamlining various HR process by reducing manual work process, time, cost and errors. The Talent Acquisition software and using its filters can help in screening, scheduling interviews, setting reminders till the process to find the best fit for the role and offer. The Talent Management solution can be used to streamline the hiring, onboarding, KPI settings, performance management mapping, training, retention processes etc. The understanding and maximum use of social networking media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc has become very important for business networking and employee-employer branding. The new age hiring professionals also check the candidates social media profile, his connects, involvement which can help in analysing his interests, values, culture and finalising the correct fitment for the organisation.

What are some of the crucial challenges in your opinion when it comes to implementing tech tools like AI, machine learning and robotics solutions for HR?

AS The crucial challenges to implement tech tools like AI, Machine Learning, Robotics solutions for HR or management varies from organisation to organisation. Identification or Customisation of the software as per the business requirement, its implementation depends a lot on the service provider, understanding the requirement and execution. The new technologies will definitely benefit the organisation but only when the employees see benefits in it. The organisation needs to invest in awareness prog, how the new technology will be helping in work in the most efficient and effective way. The HR team and the employees have to be equally trained on the software solution so that it can be used in the best possible way. Migration of manual data to the tech solution software also sometimes gets into debate as the organisation might be old in existence with lot of data and information and to put them on cloud becomes to be challenging as it requires a lot of effort to provide with all the information and that might be thought as late for HR tech adoption. Looking at the ROI and cost of tech tools sometimes gets difficult for the HR professionals to justify to management on the requirement vs cost of implementation. As the data gets hosted on cloud that too sometimes is questionable keeping in mind the privacy and confidentiality of the employee's information so it's very important to choose the right solution provider which can be trusted and that takes care of both regulatory compliances and cyber security clause.

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