Article (September-2018)


When author talks about his book!

Subramanian Iyer

Designation : -   Senior Advisor

Organization : -  Employers Federation of India, Mumbai


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I chose Magnificence as the title of my book which is scheduled to launch on the 8th September at Mumbai. Magnificence means to dazzle & leave people stunned.
We are in an era of global uncertainty and thus handling & taking our jobs to a brilliant level is alright. You will certainly be applauded & compensated rightfully but in order to sustain, you will have to take yourself to a very new level that is The Level of Magnificence. Any of us can drive this path & the journey is as important as/more important than the result. Listed are some of the invaluable tips for the professionals of HR & Non HR.
1. Increase your Vocabulary. If you have a large vocabulary, you are bound to touch a large number of people at work. In our daily duty of 8 hours or so, we communicate more than 5+ hrs plus with our colleagues, subordinates, bosses, vendors face to face, telecom, and mail. Bring more of you through your communication.
2. Be Valuable to the Market. We all possess qualifications, experience, and expertise & apply them in our work. In order to get an increased pay & position, you will have to bring more of yourself in terms of worth & utility to deliver quality results at a much higher level. Thus, if you are designated as a Steward, the market expects you to not only handle the duties & responsibilities of a Steward but also that of a Captain. In doing so, you have created a value amongst customers & the organization considers you for a higher position seeing your value proposition.
3. Become a Star Performer. They are the kind of breed who doesn't wait for things to happen; they make things happen. They believe in stretching themselves to such an extent that quite often they don't stay on their job description. They make their own job descriptions defining themselves as High Potentials. Thus, they are always employable irrespective if downturn or recession.
4. Be Professional. Professionalism is not in one's attire but in one's thought, action & behaviour. Mr. Rajeev Dubey, President HR, After Market & Corporate Services of M & M showcased what professionalism actually mean. He was the Chairman of one of Panel "Ethics in Employee Relations." The quality of the discussion engaged with the other members was just impeccable.
5.  Recognizing your Special Talents. Having the talent & skill in oneself & not recognizing, not exploring, not utilizing to your advantage is as good as not having those characteristics in you. Human Beings are created by the Providence for a greater purpose contrary to animals, birds & insects which lives purely on instincts. We are growth machines & we need to explore our full potential for being happy. Use those talents fully & explore those hidden talents fearlessly in your work to become magnificent.
Coming to office & discharging your functions well, helping your colleagues & following the instructions of your boss, building good relationships & being punctual are great qualities of any individual. In order to sustain & progress in your career in today's scenario, you need to be a specialist, discharge more than what you are expected in your role, understand & get the best from people, build relationships, being techno friendly, being proactive in delivering quality results will just make you unstoppable.